marți, 11 ianuarie 2011

there's happiness even in pain

It is the pain I feel when I think of you and the wonderful moments we spent together. They seem already faraway, but I always smile when I remember them, and my heart aches. The ache of loosing a friend in the dust of time or leaving a place I love and to which I know I 'll never be back.

The pain I feel now is of loosing you, my dear friend. I can fight with many differences that keep us apart, but I can't fight with the lack of communication between us. I don't want you to end up in a dream. I don't want the reality of our friendship fade away, as I don't want your face fade away. Would you resist that? I know I should have kept back feelings from the very beginning, but I just didn't. No use to ask why. No need to look for an answer. I had no expectations; I knew we'd have so little.

You weren't supposed to come into my life and yet I'm so happy to have in my thoughts, as painful as this is.

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