luni, 10 ianuarie 2011

the idea of you, my friend

"I know where I'm going,
Don't you want to come, too?"

That's how I will describe the dream I had. You, my friend, were here beside me, and even though I was your guide, you decided what places we'll go to.

I have lighted a candle on my table. Its warm, delicate sparkles bring around a romantic light, much too romantic for the times we live. I feel the same even when the candle's only in my mind, because what matters is the idea of it, and the desire it brings of writing you letters. That's how I have you always beside me, my friend. I have you with me when I take long walks. When things go wrong, your image keeps my spirit high, and I feel as if I can bear the whole world on my shoulders. You are so faraway but your memory, my friend, keeps me going on. You will always be with me, as this candle, real or not, will always help me writing you letters, letters you might never read. It will never be too late to read them, as things have happened already too late for us. We have defied destiny building a friendship that couldn't last. But we were stubborn, and here we are, marked by each other's existence with traces that can't ever be erased. Meeting you has changed my life deeply. Remember what I told you my grandma would say about such experiences? They "enrich the treasure in our soul". It is indeed this way.

2 comentarii:

  1. I read this letter Alina.

    Its content was not lost on me. Such moments do indeed enrich our souls - they simply make us stronger.

    And wiser...:o)...

  2. Well, thank you, Irina! I just felt the time came to get this out to the world...