luni, 28 noiembrie 2011

you'll forget me

"And you'll forget me,
Cause you're leaving too far
And for too long...
And I'll forget you,
Cause forgetfulness
Is just another human law."

Ion Minulescu

Indeed, you'll forget me, because you let destiny separate us. Each day you remember less about me, and I don't blame you, my friend. We have some nice memories together, and maybe that's all there is to be about our friendship. For a moment, you had too much in your life, and I had far to less in mine. All I had, that nobody could deprive me from, was my pen, a piece of paper and words... And they'll be always here for me, to share happiness or pain. They helped me escape from this shark called reality to a world where imagination is allowed to build dreams. And I had let you in, and I was hurt to see how far you went away, instead of getting nearer.
Now I understand, you'll forget me... and can't even blame you. So, I'll get used used to that, and I'll go on with my life here. I'll smile, and joke, and have fun, as I often do. I'll go on being that charming girl, never showing her age. I'll be determined and stubborn, as I am often. But I know I'll have those moments when I'll be among memories, and people will ask me "Hey, where are you now?". I'll be thinking of you then, my friend, even though maybe less each day. Will I ever be in your memories?

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