joi, 24 noiembrie 2011

a November story

It was a cold November day, so many years ago that it makes no difference if I count them. And I remember... and I wonder... and I smile... for a shared moment of music made me believe friendship could last even a day or two. Fate made those two people meet, and a few magic moments of old American music and movies made them feel so closely bound. A lapse of time and space has been filled up with music, memories of old actors and movies, and a great admiration for each other's cultural heritage. I still keep the piece of paper he used to write these words of a song he wanted me so much to learn. I couldn't understand why it was so important for him to teach me that tune. Looking back, now I understand  he wanted to give me something to remember. And he did it! From time to time, I find myself singing this song, coming so far from the past that no one around me even knows it. And I can't keep asking myself if that old gentleman is still there, across the big ocean, listening this tune, smiling at how hard he tried to make a young Romanian girl sing it.

"I want some red roses for a blue lady
Mister florist take my order please
We had a silly quarrel the other day
I hope these pretty flowers chase her blues away

I want some red roses for a blue lady
Send them to the sweetest gal in town
And if they do the trick, I'll hurry back to pick
Your best white orchid for her wedding gown"

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